Sveriges Radio

SRMDO implements assignments for Sida throughout the world


Improve awareness and competence concerning ?Public Service Radio? combined with strategic management, manifest as concrete effects in the participants? organisations.


Project 1:
191 managers from commercial and non-profit-making radio organisations from over 20 countries in Asia and Africa during 8 years.

Project 2:
Project teams from 5 newspapers and network companies in Vietnam with 4-6 senior heads in each respective team.


Project 1:
Train in strategic management. Train in senior leadership. Lead participants in realising their proficiencies in concrete plans for change.

Project 2:
Train in strategic management, management group development and senior leadership. Coach participants in realising their proficiencies. At the beginning of the course, each respective team had a strategic change project to implement for the company within the one year framework of the course period.


Effective training time for management:
Project 1:
5 days

Project 2:
15 days

Time in each respective organisation:
Included in normal line work


Project 1:
Apart from individual competence improvement, a large number of projects for change with direct or indirect effect on the formulation of the operations of each respective participant?s organisation.

Project 2:
The project is ongoing.