Ulric Rudebeck and Urvision

For over 30 years, Ulric has had an extensive network of clients and assignments in the private and public sectors, both within Sweden and internationally. Ulric has past experience as CEO, head of line position and in staffs within various companies and authorities, including consultancy organisations within organisational and management development.

Over the last 15 years, his focus has been on Leadership Development, Management Groups and Executive Development. A special area is future, visions and the work of groups in establishing a joint picture of their future orientation. Another specialty is education for, and design of, large-scale meetings and conferences aimed at considerable interaction between the participants. A third is the executive team and its efficiency.

Ulric has lectured at institutions including Stockholm University, the Stockholm School of Economics and Sundridge Park Management Centre in England.

Ulric is one of the authors of the book, ?Manage Intellectual Capital?, selected by KFL as management book of the year in 1998. Ulric?s second book, ?Strategic Visioning? is a handbook on how one, in practice, can create, pass on and implement visions, and was published in April 2002. The English version, ?Strategic Vision Work?, is richly illustrated and was published in the spring of 2008.

Ulric?s interest in, and extensive work with, the efficiency of management groups, has inspired him to look deeper into cultural value systems. This inspired him to a deeper study and experience of early Hawaiian culture that resulted in the illustrated book ?The Kahuna principles? (2011). At the moment he is writing a book on values, ethics and the importance of culture in change within activities and organisations.

For 15 years, Ulric is the owner and CEO of Urvision AB ? a consultancy company within top executive team efficiency, leadership development, organisational transformation and graphic activities.