Writing a book is to challenge oneself. It is stepping over a line. It is taking a position on what I know and what I don?t know. It is giving the best I have to others to freely make use of my experience.

Few things are as important in my life, personally and professionally, as writing these three books. Systematically collecting all my experience in the area and allowing it to take form in a finished book gives stability to one?s own profession. It is the basis of progressing, learning more and discovering new areas in my development. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey.

Din effektiva ledningsgrupp
Praktiska, Hur-gör-du-verktyg, grundligt analyserade fall, mer än ett 50 olika övningar och fritt nedladdningsbara mallar. Har du ambitioner med din ledningsgrupp så är det här boken för dig. Läs mer »
Kahuna Principles in Business (English)
Kahuna principles is an ancient philosophy practised in Hawaii. It gives a different perspective on how to perceive oneself, other people and the world around us. Kahuna Principles in Business explores how the wisdom of the Kahuna- tradition can be applied in help businesses thrive.
Strategic Visioning (In Swedish)�
Based on 30 years of experience, the book shows in theory and in practice how you can lead your organisation through visions, pictures of the future and strategies to achieve concrete results. Read more »
Strategic Vision Work
This is a handbook based on more than 30 years of practical experience. It will show you how to lead your organization through the use of images, visions and strategies. Read more »
Manage Intellectual Capital (In Swedish)
In the creation of value, a leader must give subordinates more than just tasks and require results. Intellectual challenges and emotional driving forces must be included as well. Read more ».