Kahuna Principles (English)

Kahuna principles are a philosofy practised in Hawaii since ancient times. It gives a different perspective on how to perceive ourselves, other people and the world around us. I have had the privilege to meet several Kahuna mentors, and it has helped my personal development both privately and in my professional role.

Five of the most important principles:

Don’t take it personally
Of course you should be emphatic and try to understand other peoples feelings. But try not to reflect back any feelings that you see in the the other person. If you do, chances are that you end up in a quarrel. Or the reverse, that the friendly ambiance leads to unfounded decisions. The first principle I learned was to keep a level head, be empathic but not take it personally.

Don’t apologize – change your behaviour
Be accountable for your actions and apologize when called for. But don’t dwell on your mistakes and don’t spend time on designating and punishing scapegoats. Solve the problem at hand and change the behaviour that caused the problem as soon as possible to stay productive.

Change is simple – just do it
The change itself is done in a second – just do it! The time consuming part is calculating all different scenarios and worrying about all different outcomes. Often the biggest obstacle is yourself. Try and remove all ifs and buts and just get moving.

Get to know your family members – the good, the bad and the ugly
All individuals have different sides to their personality. Become aware of your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to deal with them. In the Kahuna philosophy this is called your family members: the good, the bad and the ugly. Suppressing them will only create problems in the future.

The answer lies within the question
Every time you ask yourself a question, look at the situation that created the question question in the first place. Analyze it thoroughly, and you will find the answer.

This was just a sample. More principles, lots of examples and extracts from my personal meetings with the Kahuna can be found in the book which you can order by completing the form below.

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