Graphic Visualisation

Strategic pictures create clarity and direction. Pictures created together give engagement and sustainability. Graphic Visualisation is a method which has been tried and tested for a long time, in which the management team jointly and rapidly creates such pictures in difficult situations, and sees how it is possible to progress.

Sometimes I am asked why should one visualise, why pictures in particular?

I usually say that the picture is the cousin of the vision. It is not easy to think of a vision without using pictures. Even when we speak, we use a descriptive picture language to talk about the future, and this is needed to make an attractive future comprehensible to others. It is actually the only form I have found that can create visions.

In this way, the picture is the basis of all communication involving visions. It catches, holds together and is the means that transfers thoughts, feelings, ideas and experience between people. It is also the form in which one can save complex contexts and re-use them. (From the book Strategic Visioning)