Management and leadership development

Management and leadership development specifically for managers in a leadership team provides understanding of the role, clarity of needs and balance in your responsibility as a member of a management team.

It maximises your capacity, structures your input in relation to those needs, and develops you as an individual. Being a manager in a management group is a professional assignment. We coach managers separately in their management assignments.

But why train managers specifically in management group work? See it as teamwork. There is room for individual performance, but if the team is to be effective, every one of the players must know their place and their role in the teamwork. Each management group is, of course, unique, but nevertheless the game conforms to specific general ?rules? for the type of work.

Everyone must think strategically, both for themselves and for the entity. How does one do this systematically? How does one take a position but also allow others space and area? How does one conduct one?s part of the work and when should one give way when the entity so requires? How should one utilise the forms of work that give the best effect in each given game situation? Can one put oneself in a  ?transverse position? when one thinks that it is wrong, and nevertheless carry the issues forwards creatively to a joint position?  The professional requirements are there.

As a member, one must also be aware of one?s personal strengths and know where one needs to supplement them with help from the others. How does one understand and develop one?s person and one?s dynamics in relation to the group dynamics of the team? It is there that specific coaching comes in.